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For 2017, Greenspirit Arts has again teamed up with Amber Lotus to offer another beautiful Fairy Houses calendar, and now the 2017 Lulu calendar by the artist is here as well.






Faerie Houses





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Fairy Houses 2017

The Fairy Houses wall calendar reveals a magical world of handcrafted castles and cottages, fanciful fairy retreats and sanctuaries, and habitable hobbit hideaways. Celebrated environmental artist Sally J. Smith builds these exquisite creations from materials found in the wild. Each house begins as a collection of bark, twigs, mosses, and stones and is finished with touches of fragile blossoms, ferns, and butterfly wings to add to their ethereal beauty. When complete, the houses are placed in a natural setting so perfectly suited that they seem surely to have been crafted by fairy hands.

~from 2017 Fairy Houses Calendar
by Amber Lotus

Direct link to 12” x 12” Calendar HERE

Direct link to mini 7” x 7” Calendar HERE


Faerie Houses

Another fabulous collection of Faerie Houses! All made and photographed by the artist. No photoshop tricks were used—these are real faerie houses placed in natural outdoor settings. A celebration of creativity, whimsy and a deep love for the beauty of nature.

Direct link to Calendar HERE

11" x 8.5" wall calendar
(11" x 17" open)