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This enchanting production features images of Faerie Houses and other Environmental sculptures by Sally J Smith set to the lyrical music of Canadian composer-musician Bradfield. Arranged in 8 chapters flowing from one season to the next, this magical journey delights viewers of ALL ages.

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All sculptures, photography and design by Sally J Smith

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When viewing this clip, please keep in mind that the “ONE” DVD is of much higher quality than the compressed YouTube version.

“ONE” - the first dvd of its kind

“ONE” Testimonials:

Quite cool! I could see [ONE] playing in hospitals, waiting rooms, restaurants, spas, etc.                           ~T. Crockett, CA

The DVD arrived today and I just finished watching it. I'm breathless ... with tear-filled eyes ... deeply touched ... and full of joy and peace and wonder and blessing. Thank you for creating and capturing such beauty within nature.                           ~B. Klatt, NY


I think this will be my favorite meditation, just to put in your DVD and get lost in a total feast of beauty for the senses, nature, music, colors, ahhh. Your art is so exquisite. I love seeing it shared in this form. The DVD is truly extraordinary and I plan to purchase many more as gifts.    ~Betty Moore-Hafter, VT

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