As the world around us seems to be spinning faster and faster with more layers of technology between our souls and this beautiful, magical planet upon which we live, Greenspirit Arts offers a respite, a sanctuary, a place to refresh and reconnect through the Environmental Art of 

professional artist Sally J Smith.


Here you will find magical visions of Faerie Houses made from real leaves, moss and stone (and many other natural materials) as well as the stunning sculptures the artist calls “Eartherials” which echo the beauty of a special place or moment in time. Each sculpture, often created on site regardless of season or weather, is a celebration of the intimate dialog between the artist and the environment that informs the work. The artist then creates a visual record of the piece at its completion and whenever possible, after the sculpture is photographed, it is left where it was made for the Nature Spirits to enjoy.

Fans of Greenspirit Arts may easily purchase products here which feature the artist’s work. Your support is very much appreciated. The DVD is an especially popular gift item as it vividly shows over 300 of the artist’s creations. Various features will be added to this website as time permits so come back often to see what is taking root or blossoming in full. You are invited to visit the Greenspirit Arts blog where the artist has written about her sculptures, her process and other tales from the woods. 

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